Webinar Summary: Models for Hair Research & Testing 

Packed with clear schemes, insightful graphs, and illustrative examples, this document offers a comprehensive collection of assays to boost hair follicle research and evaluate compound efficacy.

Moreover, it contains information about:

  • The physiology of hair
  • All about the different models available for hair research
  • Hair health & aging
  • Hair disorders (including hair loss, alopecia areata, scarring alopecia, chemotherapy-induced alopecia, hidradenitis suppurativa, and others)
  • How can clinical imaging can contribute to hair research

DOWNLOAD the webinar summary here!

Short Video: Hair Follicle & Skin Microbiome Analyses

Watch our hair follicle microbiome specialist, Dr. Janin Edelkamp, present you:

  • The basics of the hair follicle microbiome field
  • The pioneering research undertaken by Monasterium Laboratory
  • An overview of the techniques employed
  • The different ex vivo models that exist
  • Five insightful case-studies
  • Potential claim-substantiation

WATCH the full video here!