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2024 – Revealing novel insights on how oral supplementation with collagen peptides may prevent hair loss: Lessons from the human hair follicle organ culture – read the full story

2023 – Spatial distribution and functional impact of human scalp hair follicle microbiota – read the full story

2023 – “Speed-aging” of human skin in serum-free organ culture ex vivo: An instructive novel assay for preclinical human skin aging research demonstrates senolytic effects of caffeine and 2,5-dimethylpyrazine – read the full story

2023 – Management of the human hair follicle microbiome by a synthetic odorant – read the full story

2023 – Involvement of ILC1-like innate lymphocytes in human autoimmunity: lessons from alopecia areata – read the full story

2023 – Autologous Th2-polarized lymphocytes induce atopic dermatitis lesions in non-atopic human skin xenotransplants – read the full story

2022 – Intermediate Hair Follicles from Patients with Female Pattern Hair Loss Are Associated with Nutrient Insufficiency and a Quiescent Metabolic Phenotype – read the full story