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Pre-clinical Research

Our preclinical services have been designed to encompass the entire product development journey from low-cost investigative in vitro studies through to compound efficacy testing applying in vivo humanized mouse models.

Clinical Research

We specialize in clinical trials that aim to investigate the efficacy and safety of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals for hair disorder management.


Innovation & Advanced Methodology Programs

Innovation is our passion. Together with our scientists and our established global network, we undertake translational research programs to develop and offer novel innovative technologies and methodologies to our clients.


We believe in sharing our passion for skin and hair research with students and scientists from all over the world. We do this by organizing educational courses and by offering a joint doctoral training program together with other universities.

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Latest Publications

2020 – Mitochondrial energy metabolism is negatively regulated by cannabinoid receptor 1 in intact human epidermis. – read full story 

2020 – Hair(y) matters in melanoma biology. – Trends in Molecular Medicine. –  read the full story 

2020 – New effects of caffeine on CRH-induced stress along the intrafollicular classical HPA-axis (CRH-R1/2, IP3 -R, ACTH, MC-R2) and the neurogenic non-HPA-axis (substance P, p75NTR and TrkA) in ex vivo human male androgenetic scalp hair follicles. –  Br J Dermatol. – read the full story