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Pre-clinical Research

Our preclinical services have been designed to encompass the entire product development journey from low-cost investigative in vitro studies through to compound efficacy testing applying in vivo humanized mouse models.

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Clinical Research

We specialize in clinical trials that aim to investigate the efficacy and safety of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals for hair disorder management.

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Advanced Technologies Program

Designing creative research is our passion. Together with our scientists and our established global network, we undertake translational research programs to establish and offer novel state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to our clients.

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We believe in sharing our passion for skin and hair research with students and scientists from all over the world. We do this by organizing educational courses and by offering a joint doctoral training program together with other universities.

Note:  In preparation of our 5th anniversary, this video was produced  before global COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  

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    Latest Publications

    2022 – A plaidoyer for the use of human skin xenotransplant mouse models in preclinical psoriasis research – read the full story

    2022 – Intermediate Hair Follicles from Patients with Female Pattern Hair Loss Are Associated with Nutrient Insufficiency and a Quiescent Metabolic Phenotype – read the full story

    2022 – Hydra and the hair follicle - An unconventional comparative biology approach to exploring the human holobiont – read the full story

    2022 – An extract of Leontopodium alpinum inhibits catagen development ex vivo and increases hair density in vivo – read the full story

    2022 – Human organ reju-venation by VEGF-A: Lessons from the skin – read the full story