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2023Preliminary evidence that Merkel cells exert chemosensory functions in human epidermisPiccini I, Chéret J, Tsutsumi M, Sakaguchi S; Ponce L, Almeida, L, Funk W, Kückelhaus M; Kajiya K, Paus R, Bertolini MExp Dermatolread the full storyMerkel cell, Chemosensation, Olfactory receptor, Vesicle release
2023mTORC1 activity negatively regulates human hair follicle growth and pigmentationSuzuki T, Chéret J, Dinelli Scala F, Akhundlu A, Gherardini J, Demetrius D, O'Sullivan JDB, Kuka Epstein G, Bauman AJ, Demetriades C, Paus REMBO Reportsread the full storyCanities, Hair follicle pigmentation, Hair follicle organ culture, Melanogenesis, mTORC1 signaling
2023Differential regulation of IL-17A and IL-17F via STAT5 contributes to psoriatic diseaseCole S, Manghera A, Burns L, Barrett J, Yager N, Rhys H, Skelton A, Cole J, Goodyear CS, Griffiths M, Baeten M, Bertolini M, Shaw S, Al-Mossawi H, Maroof AJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunologyread the full storyPsoriasis, IL-17 signaling, STAT signaling, lesional skin organ culture, scRNAseq
2023Laser capture microdissection as a method for investigating the human hair follicle microbiome reveals region-specific differences in the bacteriome profileLousada MB, Edelkamp J, Lachnit T, Fehrholz M, Jimenez F, Paus RBMC Research Notesread the full storyHair follicle organ culture, Microbiome, Laser-Capture Microdissection
2023Involvement of ILC1-like innate lymphocytes in human autoimmunity: lessons from alopecia areataLaufer Britva R, Keren A, Bertolini M, Ullmann Y, Paus R, Gilhar AeLiferead the full storyAlopecia Areata, Hair Loss, Hair growth, Humanized mouse model, innate lymphoid cells-type 1
2023Application of topical Sandalore® increases epidermal dermcidin synthesis in organ-cultured human skin ex vivoEdelkamp J, Lousada MB, Pinto D, Chéret J, O'Sullivan JDB, Biundo A, Jimenez F, Funk W, Roessing C, Rippmann V, Paus R, Bertolini MSkin Pharmacol. Physiol.read the full storySkin organ culture, Chemosensation, Olfactory Receptors, Microbiome, Antimicrobial peptides
2023Concentration-dependent stimulation of melanin production as well as melanocyte and keratinocyte proliferation by melatonin in human eyelid epidermisSevilla A, Chéret J, Lee W, Paus RExp. Dermatol.read the full storyFull-thickness eyelid skin organ culture, melatonin, melanogenesis,
2023Autologous Th2-polarized lymphocytes induce atopic dermatitis lesions in non-atopic human skin xenotransplantsKeren A, Reich K, Bertolini M, Moga A, Riethmüller C, Ullmann Y, Paus R, Gilhar AAllergyread the full storyAtopic Dermatitis; humanized mouse model; xenotransplants; skin barrier deficits
2022Human Hair Follicles Operate a Functional Peripheral Equivalent of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Somatotropic Axis Ex VivoHoresh EJ, Gherardini J, Alam M, Rodriguez-Feliz J, Bauman AJ, Chéret J, Paus RJIDread the full storyHF organ culture ex vivo; HPS-Axis; brain-HF-axis; neuroendocrinology
2022Downregulation of pathogenic MICA-NKG2D interactions as a novel strategy in alopecia areata management: a new rationale for adjunct statin therapy?Gherardini J, Rivas KE, Chéret J, Strbo N, Paus RJEADVread the full storyOuter Root Sheath Keratinocytes; in vitro models, Alopecia Areata; IP collapse
2022Mitochondrially Localized MPZL3 Functions as a Negative Regulator of Sebaceous Gland Size and Sebocyte ProliferationWikramanayake TC, Nicu C, Gherardini J, Mello ACGCV, Chéret J, Paus RJIDread the full storySebaceous gland function, MPZL3
2022The impact of perceived stress on the hair follicle: Towards solving a psychoneuroendocrine and neuroimmunological puzzleO'Sullivan JDB , Peters EMJ, Amer Y, Atuluru P, Chéret J, Rosenberg AM, Picard M, Paus RFront Neuroendocrinol.read the full storybrain-HF axis; perceived stress in hair greying and hair loss, neuroendocrinology
2022Towards developing an organotypic model for the preclinical study and manipulation of human hair matrix-dermal papilla interactionsPlatt CI, Cheret J, Paus RArch Dermatol Res.read the full storyOrganotypic model, 3D dermal papilla spheroids, Epithelial mesenchymal interaction, hair matrix
2022A plaidoyer for the use of human skin xenotransplant mouse models in preclinical psoriasis researchGilhar A, Reich K, Keren A, Paus RJ Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol.read the full storyPsoriasis, humanized mouse model, xenotransplantation
2022Intermediate Hair Follicles from Patients with Female Pattern Hair Loss Are Associated with Nutrient Insufficiency and a Quiescent Metabolic PhenotypePiccini I, Sousa M, Altendorf S, Jimenez F, Rossi A, Funk W, Biró T, Paus R, Seibel J, Jakobs M, Yesilkaya T, Edelkamp J, Bertolini MNutrients.read the full storyFemale pattern hair loss, hair follicle, metabolism, nutrient supplementation
2022Circadian rhythms in psoriasis and the potential of chronotherapy in psoriasis managementLuengas-Martinez A, Paus R, Iqbal M, Bailey L, Ray DW, Young HSExp. Dermatolread the full storyVEGF-A, chronotherapy, circadian rhythms, psoriasis.
2022Frontiers in Lichen Planopilaris and Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia Research: Pathobiology Progress and Translational HorizonsSenna MM, Peterson E, Jozic I, Chéret J, Paus RJID Innov.read the full story5α-reductase inhibitor, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, corticotropin-releasing hormone, epithelial‒mesenchymal transition, frontal fibrosing alopecia, hair follicle, immune privilege, keratin, keratinocyte, lichen planopilaris, macrophage, major histocompatibility complex, primary cicatricial alopecia, personal care product, peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor-γ, stem cell, substance P, epithelial hair follicle stem cell, α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone
2022Hydra and the hair follicle - An unconventional comparative biology approach to exploring the human holobiontLousada MB, Lachnit T, Edelkamp J, Paus R, Bosch TCGBioessays.read the full storyAntimicrobial peptides, microbial ecology, microbiome, model organisms
2022Targeting mitochondria in dermatological therapy: beyond oxidative damage and skin agingWikramanayake TC, Chéret J, Sevilla A, Birch-Machin M, Paus RExpert opinion on Therapeutic Targetsread the full storyReactive oxygen species (ROS), alopecia, appendage, epidermis, hair follicle, mitochondria, myelin protein zero-like 3 (MPZL3), sebaceous gland, skin cancer
2022Revisiting the role of melatonin in human melanocyte physiology: A skin context perspectiveSevilla A, Chéret J, Slominski RM, Slominski AT, Paus RJ. Pineal resread the full storyHair follicle, human skin, melanocyte, melatonin, pigmentation
2022An extract of Leontopodium alpinum inhibits catagen development ex vivo and increases hair density in vivoCampiche R, Le Riche A, Edelkamp J, Fernandez Botello A, Martin E, Gempeler M, Bertolini MInt J Cosmet Sci.read the full storyLeontopodium alpinum, anagen phase, anti-hair loss, hair follicle, hair growth, versican
2022Human organ reju-venation by VEGF-A: Lessons from the skinKeren A, Bertolini M, Yaniv K, Ullmann Y, Paus R, Gilhar ASci. Advancesread the full storyVEGF-A, skin aging, skin rejuvenation, humanized mouse model, skin organ culture ex vivo
2022Effect of minoxidil formulations on human scalp skin xenotransplants on SCID mice: A novel pre-clinical in vivo assay for androgenetic alopecia researchGilhar A, Keren A, Ullmann Y, Wu J, Paus RExp Dermatol.read the full storyMouse model, xenotransplant, preclinical model, hair growth, hair loss, androgenetic alopecia
2022Growth Hormone and the Human Hair FollicleHoresh E.J, Chéret J, Paus RInt J Mol Sci.read the full storyGrowth hormone, neuroendocrine, hair follicle, hair growth
2021The global regulatory logic of organ regeneration: circuitry lessons from skin and its appendagesYue ZC, Lei MX, Paus R, Chuong CMBiol Rev Camb Philos Soc.read the full storyVGEF, psoriasis, therapeutic strategies
2021Adiponectin negatively regulates pigmentation, Wnt/β-catenin and HGF/c-Met signalling within human scalp hair follicles ex vivoNicu C, Jackson J, Shahmalak A, Pople J, Ansell D, Paus RArch Dermatol Res.read the full storyhair follicle, adiponectin, pigmentation, hair follicle organ culture, ex vivo, dermal papilla, WNT
2021Evidence for a functional interaction of WNT10A and EBF1 in male-pattern baldnessHochfeld L.M, Bertolini M, Broadley D, Botchkareva N.V, Betz R.C, Schoch S, Nöthen M.M, Heilmann-Heimbach S.PLoS One.read the full storyhair follicle, male pattern hair loss, WNT, genetic
2021Human hair follicles operate an internal Cori cycle and modulate their growth via glycogen phosphorylaseFiglak k, Williams G, Bertolini M, Paus R, Philpott M.P.Sci Rep.read the full storyhair follicle, metabolism, outer root sheath keratinocytes, hair follicle organ culture, ex vivo
2021Resident human dermal γδT-cells operate as stress-sentinels: Lessons from the hair follicleUchida Y, Gherardini J, Pappelbaum K, Chéret J, Schulte-Mecklenbeck A, Gross CC, Strbo N, Gilhar A, Rossi A, Funk W, Kanekura T, Almeida L, Bertolini M, Paus R.J Autoimmun.read the full storyalopecia areata, autoimmunity, resident human γδT-cells, hair follicle, MICA, NKG2D, stress, ex vivo model
2021The hair follicle-psoriasis axis: Shared regulatory mechanisms and therapeutic targetsSuzuki T, Ito T, Gilhar A, Tokura Y, Reich K, Paus R.Exp Dermatol.read the full storyhair growth, skin, psoriasis, hair follicle
2021PPARγ signaling protects hair follicle stem cells from chemotherapy-induced apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal transitionPiccini I, Brunken L, Chéret J, Ghatak S, Ramot Y, Alam M, Purba TS, Hardman J, Erdmann H, Jimenez F, Paus R, Bertolini M.Br J Dermatol.read the full storyalopecia, chemotherapy, treatment, prevention, PPARγ agonist
2021Mitochondrially localized MPZL3 emerges as a signaling hub of mammalian physiology.Wikramanayake TC, Nicu C, Chéret J, Czyzyk TA, Paus R.Bioessays.read the full storyMyelin Protein Zero-like 3, CLOCK, PPARγ, mitochondria
2021A folliculocentric perspective of dandruff pathogenesis: Could a troublesome condition be caused by changes to a natural secretory mechanism?Limbu SL, Purba TS, Harries M, Wikramanayake TC, Miteva M, Bhogal RK, O'Neill CA, Paus R.Bioessays.read the full storydandruff, scalp, hair follicle, cosmeceuticals
2021Quantitative mapping of human hair greying and reversal in relation to life stressRosenberg AM, Rausser S, Ren J, Mosharov EV, Sturm G, Ogden RT, Patel P, Kumar Soni R, Lacefield C, Tobin DJ, Paus R, Picard M.Elife.read the full storystress, premature greying, hair shaft proteomics
2021A Cell Membrane-Level Approach to Cicatricial Alopecia Management: Is Caveolin-1 a Viable Therapeutic Target in Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?Ivan Jozic, Jérémy Chéret, Beatriz Abdo Abujamra, Mariya Miteva, Jennifer Gherardini, Ralf PausBiomedicinesread the full storycaveolin-1, scarring alopecia, hair follicle stem cells, immune privilege collapse
2021Sensory re-innervation of human skin by human neural stem cell-derived peripheral neurons ex vivoChéret J, Piccini I, Gherardini J, Ponce L, Bertolini M, Paus R.J Invest Dermatol.read the full storyskin explants, re-innervation, iPS cells
2021Transduction-induced overexpression of Merkel cell T antigens in human hair follicles induces formation of pathological cell clusters with Merkel cell carcinoma-like phenotypeThibault Kervarrec, Jérémy Chéret, Ralf Paus, Roland Houben, David SchramaExp Dermatol.read the full storyMerkel cells, carcinoma, polyomavirus, hair follicle, malignant transformation, tumor
2021Can antibiotic-induced changes in the composition of the hair follicle microbiome regulate human hair growth?Bispo Lousada M, Edelkamp J, Lachnit T, Erdmann H, Paus RExp Dermatol.read the full storymicrobiome, hair growth, hair follicle
2021UDP-GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase is a clinically important regulator of human and mouse hair pigmentationTiede S, Hundt JE, Paus RJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storyhair follicle, pigmentation, therapeutics, greying
2021Quantitative mapping of human hair greying and reversal in relation to life stressRosenberg AM, Rausser S, Ren J, Mosharov EV, Sturm G, Ogden RT, Patel P, Kumar Soni R, Lacefield C, Tobin DJ, Paus R, Picard MElife.read the full storyhair follicle, greying, pigmentation, stress
2021Sensory re-innervation of human skin by human neural stem cell-derived peripheral neurons ex vivoChéret J, Piccini I, Gherardini J, Ponce L, Bertolini M, Paus RJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storymodel, skin re-innervation, itch irritation
2021A Cell Membrane-Level Approach to Cicatricial Alopecia Management: Is Caveolin-1 a Viable Therapeutic Target in Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?Jozic I, Chéret J, Abujamra BA, Miteva M, Gherardini J, Paus RBiomedicines.read the full storyhair follicle, alopecia target, frontal fibrosing alopecia
2021Pathobiology questions raised by telogen effluvium and trichodynia in COVID-19 patientsDi Landro A, Naldi L, Glaser E, Paus R, Tosti AExp Dermatol. read the full storyContinuous Positive Airway Pressure, paracetamol, systemic steroids, anticoagulants, clinical manifestations
2021Stress and Nasal Allergy: Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Stimulates Mast Cell Degranulation and Proliferation in Human Nasal MucosaYamanaka-Takaichi M, Mizukami Y, Sugawara K, Sunami K, Teranishi Y, Kira Y, Paus R, Tsuruta DInt J Mol Sci.read the full storyinflammation, stem cell factor, antalarmin, therapeutics
2021Hair follicle chemosensation: TRPM5 signalling is required for anagen maintenanceMardaryev A, van Lessen M, Alam M, Acosta FJ, Bíró T, Paus RJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storyhair cycle, hair follicle, triphenylphosphine oxide, TRPM5
2021Beyond the NFAT Horizon: From Cyclosporine A-Induced Adverse Skin Effects to Novel TherapeuticsHawkshaw NJ, Paus RTrends Pharmacol Sci.read the full storyhypertrichosis, human model systems, immunosuppressive therapy
2021The biology of human hair greyingO'Sullivan JDB, Nicu C, Picard M, Chéret J, Bedogni B, Tobin DJ, Paus RBiol Rev Camb Philos Soc.read the full storymelanogenesis, bulge melanocyte stem cells, pigmentation, HFPU melanocyte survival
2021Inhibition of Shh Signaling through MAPK Activation Controls Chemotherapy-Induced AlopeciaHaslam IS, Zhou G, Xie G, Teng X, Ao X, Yan Z, Smart E, Rutkowski D, Wierzbicka J, Zhou Y, Huang Z, Zhang Y, Farjo N, Farjo B, Paus R, Yue ZJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storyantimitotic, apoptosis-promoting, MAPK-Shh axis
2021Compartmentalised metabolic programmes in human anagen hair follicles: New targets to modulate epithelial stem cell behaviour, keratinocyte proliferation and hair follicle immune status?Purba TS, Berriche L, Paus RExp Dermatol.read the full storyWarburg effect, hair growth, immunological HF microenvironment
2021Human epithelial stem cell survival within their niche requires "tonic" cannabinoid receptor 1-signaling - Lessons from the hair follicleSugawara K, Zákány N, Tiede S, Purba T, Harries M, Tsuruta D, Bíró T, Paus RExp Dermatol.read the full storyendocannabinoid system, organ-cultured human HFs, human adult epithelial stem cell
2021Telomere Dynamics and Telomerase in the Biology of Hair Follicles and their Stem Cells as a Model for Aging ResearchStone RC, Aviv A, Paus RJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storypigmentary unit, chemotherapy-induced alopecia, telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, cicatricial alopecia
2021Dermal adipose tissue secretes HGF to promote human hair growth and pigmentationNicu C, O'Sullivan JDB, Ramos R, Timperi L, Lai T, Farjo N, Farjo B, Pople J, Bhogal R, Hardman JA, Plikus MV, Ansell DM, Paus RJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storyhepatocyte growth factor, human HF-dWAT co-culture, human hair growth, pigmentation
2021Shining a (blue) light on hair follicle chronobiology and photobiomodulationPaus RExp Dermatol.read the full storyhair follicles, metabolism, clock gene
2021Towards developing an organotypic model for the preclinical study and manipulation of human hair matrix-dermal papilla interactionsPlatt CI, Chéret J, Paus RArch Dermatol Res.read the full storymicrodissected scalp hair follicles, dermal papilla, 3-dimensional (3D) spheroids
2021Translational Neuroendocrinology of Human Skin: Concepts and PerspectivesRamot Y, Böhm M, Paus RTrends Mol Med.read the full storyneurohormones, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, human skin physiology
2020Mouse Models of Alopecia Areata: C3H/HeJ Mice Versus the Humanized AA Mouse ModelGilhar A, Laufer Britva R, Keren A, Paus RJ Investig Dermatolread the full storyalopecia areata, therapeutic effects, preclinical
2020The Evolving Pathogenesis of Alopecia Areata: Major Open QuestionsPaus RJ Investig Dermatol.read the full storyautoimmune alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, hair follicle
2020Mouse models of atopic dermatitis: a critical reappraisalGilhar A, Reich K, Keren A, Kabashima K, Steinhoff M, Paus RExp Dermatol. read the full storyatopic dermatitis, human skin xenotransplants, SCID mice
2020Towards a renaissance of dermatoendocrinology: Selected current frontiersBöhm M, Paus RExp Dermatol. read the full story
2020Re-innervation of human skin by rat dorsal root ganglia permits to study interactions between sensory nerve fibers and native human dermal mast cells ex vivoChéret J, Ponce L, Le Gall-Ianotto C, Bertolini M, Paus RExp. Dermatol.read the full storyhuman skin organ culture, functional sensory skin nerves, neurogenic skin inflammation
2020Clues that mitochondria are involved in the hair cycle clock: MPZL3 regulates entry into and progression of murine hair follicle cyclingNicu C, Wikramanayake TC, Paus RExp. Dermatol.read the full storyintrinsic oscillator system, myelin protein zero- like 3, telogen‐to‐anagen transition
2020Pro-inflammatory Vδ1 + T-cells infiltrates are present in and around the hair bulbs of non-lesional and lesional alopecia areata hair folliclesUchida Y, Gherardini J, Schulte-Mecklenbeck A, Alam M, Chéret J, Rossi A, Kanekura T, Gross CC, Arakawa A, Gilhar A, Bertolini M, Paus RJ Dermatol Sci. read the full storyskin-resident γδT-cells, alopecia areata, hair follicle, innate immunity
2020The Hair Follicle as an Interdisciplinary Model for Biomedical Research: An Eclectic Literature SynthesisHaslam IS, Paus RBioessaysread the full storyhuman hair growth, regeneration, hair loss therapy, stem cell niches
2020Translational Neuroendocrinology of Human Skin: Concepts and PerspectivesRamot Y, Böhm M, Paus RTrends Mol Med.read the full storyneurohormones, inflammatory skin, neuropeptides
2020The biology of human hair greyingO'Sullivan JDB, Nicu C, Picard M, Chéret J, Bedogni B, Tobin DJ, Paus RBiol Rev Camb Philos Soc.read the full storyanagen, hair follicle pigmentary unit, bulge melanocyte stem cells,
2020A novel non‐drug SFRP1 antagonist inhibits catagen development in human hair follicles ex vivoBertolini M, Chéret J, Pinto D, Hawkshaw N, Ponce L, Erdmann H, Jimenez F, Funk W, Paus RBr J Dermatol.read the full storyWnt signalling, hair growth, hypertrichosis, catagen development
2020Does dysfunctional autophagy contribute to immune privilege collapse and alopecia areata pathogenesis?Hardman JA, Nicu C, Tai C, Harries M, Mironov A, Purba TS, Paus RJ Dermatol. Sci.read the full storyautophagy, lysosomal degradation, ATG5, catagen,
2020Exploring the human hair follicle microbiomeLousada MB, Lachnit T, Edelkamp J, Rouillé T, Ajdic D, Uchida Y, Di Nardo A, Bosch TCG, Paus RBr. J Dermatol.read the full storymicrobiota, human holobiont, antimicrobial peptides, microbial survival
2020Inhibition of sonic hedgehog signaling via MAPK activation controls chemotherapy-induced alopeciaHaslam IS, Zhou G, Xie G, Teng X, Ao X, Yan Z, Smart E, Rutkowski D, Wierzbicka J, Zhou Y, Huang Z, Zhang Y, Farjo N, Farjo B, Paus R, Yue ZJ Invest Dermatol.read the full storyclinical oncology, hair matrix keratinocytes, Shh signaling, hair follicle damage
2020Topical L-thyroxine: The Cinderella among hormones waiting to dance on the floor of dermatological therapy?Paus R, Ramot Y, Kirsner RS, Tomic-Canic MExp. Dermatol.read the full storytopical hormone therapy, thyroid hormone receptor, L‐thyroxine (T4), skin ulcers, telogen effluvium
2020Hair follicle immune privilege and its collapse in alopecia areataBertolini M, McElwee K, Gilhar A, Bulfone-Paus S, Paus RExp. Dermatol.read the full storyMHC class, mast cells, CD4+, CD8+, NK cell, disease relapse
2020Topical Odorant Application of the Specific Olfactory Receptor OR2AT4 Agonist, Sandalore ® , Improves Telogen Effluvium-Associated ParametersJimenez F, López E, Bertolini M, Alam M, Chéret J, Westgate G, Rinaldi F, Marzani B, Paus R.J Cosmet Dermatol.read the full storyOR2AT4 olfactory receptor, Sandalore®, claim substantiation, hair growth, hair treatment, telogen effluvium
2020Vascular Endothelial Growth factor-A as a Promising Therapeutic Target for the Management of PsoriasisLuengas-Martinez A, Hardman-Smart J, Paus R, Young HS.Exp. Dermatol.read the full storyangiogenic mediator, bevacizumab, personalised medicine, vascular endothelial growth factor A
2020Thyroxine restores severely impaired cutaneous re-epithelialisation and angiogenesis in a novel preclinical assay for studying human skin wound healing under "pathological" conditions ex vivoPost H, Hundt JE, Zhang G, Depping R, Rose C, Langan EA, Paus R.Arch Dermatol. Resread the full storyhypoxia, skin organ culture, Wound healing, preclinical
2020Topical L-thyroxine: The Cinderella among hormones waiting to dance on the floor of dermatological therapy?Paus R, Ramot Y, Kirsner RS, Tomic-Canic MExp Dermatol.read the full storynuclear hormone receptors, wound healing, hair growth, telogen effluvium, triiodothyronine
2020Does mitochondrial dysfunction of hair follicle epithelial stem cells play a role in the pathobiology of lichen planopilaris?Hardman-Smart JA, Purba TS, Panicker S, Farjo B, Farjo N, Harries MJ, Paus R.Br J Dermatol.read the full storyT- cell mediated interferon-γ, immune privilege,
2020Vascular endothelial growth factor blockade induces dermal endothelial cell apoptosis in a clinically relevant skin organ culture modelLuengas-Martinez A, Hardman-Smart J, Rutkowski D, Purba TS, Paus R, Young HSSkin Pharmacol Physiolread the full storyanti-VEGF, endothelial cell apoptosis, human skin ex vivo, microvascular network, Psoriasis
2020Non‐neuronal kappa‐opioid receptor activation enhances epidermal keratinocyte proliferation, and modulates mast cell functions in human skin ex vivoChéret J, Gherardini J, Soeberdt M, Hundt JE, Abels C, Bertolini M, Paus RJ Dermatolread the full storyneurogenic inflammation, human skin organ culture, keratinocyte apoptosis, inflammatory dermatoses
2020Mitochondrial energy metabolism is negatively regulated by cannabinoid receptor 1 in intact human epidermisOláh A, Alam M, Chéret J, Kis NG, Hegyi Z, Szöllősi AG, Vidali S, Bíró T, Paus RExp Dermatolread the full storykeratinocyte mitochondrial activity, cannabinoid receptor 1, organ-cultured full-thickness human skin, ROS production, skin aging, photodamage
2020Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia Shows Robust T Helper 1 and Janus Kinase 3 SkewingDel Duca E, Ruano Ruiz J, Pavel AB, Sanyal RD, Song T, Gay-Mimbrera J, Zhang N, Estrada YD, Peng X, Renert-Yuval Y, Phelps RG, Paus R, Krueger JG, Guttman-Yassky E.Br J Dermatolread the full storylesional, nonlesional scalp biopsies, stem cells, follicular damage, JAK/STAT-targeting treatments
2020Hair(y) matters in melanoma biologyBarbara Bedogni, Ralf PausTrends in Molecular Medicineread the full storymetastatic melanoma, melanocytes, immune-privileged microenvironment, stem cells, melanoma prevention strategy
2020New effects of caffeine on CRH-induced stress along the intrafollicular classical HPA-axis (CRH-R1/2, IP3 -R, ACTH, MC-R2) and the neurogenic non-HPA-axis (substance P, p75NTR and TrkA) in ex vivo human male androgenetic scalp hair follicles.Fischer TW, Bergmann A, Kruse N, Kleszczynski K, Skobowiat C, Slominski AT, Paus RBr J Dermatolread the full storyhuman hair, androgenetic alopecia, stress-induced hair loss, hair organ culture model, caffeine
2020An osteopontin-derived peptide inhibits human hair growth at least in part by decreasing fibroblast growth factor-7 production in outer root sheath keratinocytesAlam M, Bertolini M, Gherardini J, Keren A, Ponce L, Chéret J, Alenfall J, Dunér P, Nilsson AH, Gilhar A, Paus RBr J Dermatolread the full storyhuman scalp skin xenotransplant, human hair follicle organ culture, hypertrichosis, hirsutism, hair growth
2020Adenosine promotes human hair growth and inhibits catagen transition in vitro - role of the outer sheath keratinocytes. Lisztes E, Toth BI, Bertolini M, Szabo IL, Zakany N, Olah A, Szollosi AG, Paus R, Biro T. J Invest Dermatolread the full storyhair follicle, ex vivo, organ culture, co-immunolabeling, G-protein, hair growth
2020Toward predicting the spatio-temporal dynamics of alopecia areata lesions using partial differential equation analysis.Atanaska Dobreva, Ralf Paus, N. G. Cogan Bull Math Biolread the full storyautoimmune disease, alopecia areata, partial differential equations, humanized mouse model
2020Fluoxetine promotes human hair follicle pigmentation ex vivo: Serotonin re-uptake inhibition as a new anti-greying strategy?Cheret J, Gherardini J, Bertolini M, Paus R. Br J Dermatolread the full storyhair follicle, ex vivo, organ culture, quantitative Masson-Fontana histomorphometry, serotonin receptor, melanotropic neurohormone
2020Do hair follicles operate as primitive, multifocal kidney-like excretory (mini-)organs?Carré JL, Suzuki T, Paus RExp Dermatolread the full storytrichocytes, hair shafts, classical nephrological therapy, erythropoietin synthesis
2020Neuroendocrinology and neurobiology of sebaceous gland.Clayton RW, Langan EA, Ansell DM, de Vos IJHM, Göbel K, Schneider MR, Picardo M, Lim X, van Steensel MAM, Paus RBiol Rev Camb Philos Socread the full storynervous system, pituitary control, sebaceous glands, homeostasis
2020Phytocannabinoid(-)-Cannabidiol operates as a complex, differential modular of human hair growth: Anti-inflammatory sub-micromolar versus hair growth inhibitory micromolar effects.Szabo IL, Lisztes E, Beke G, Toth KF, Paus R, Olah A, Biro TJ Invest Dermatolread the full storyhair follicle, ex vivo organ culture, toll-like receptor, hair morphology
2020Apremilast and tofacitinib exert differential effects in the humanized mouse model of alopecia areata.Laufer BR, Keren A, Paus R, Gilhar A.Br J Dermatolread the full storyhair loss, hair follicle, phosphodiesterase inhibitor, therapeutics
2020Tissue-resident macrophages can be generated de novo in adult human skin from resident progenitor cells during subtance P-mediated neurogenic inflammation ex vivo.Gherardini J, Uchida Y, Hardman JA, Cheret J, Mace K, Bertolini M, Paus RPLoS Oneread the full storymacrophages, full-thickness skin organ culture, immunohistochemistry, neuroinflammatory stimulus
2020Schwann cells as underestimated, major players in human skin physiology and pathology. Bray ER, Cheret J, Yosipovitch G, Paus R. Exp Dermatolread the full storyaxon regeneration, wound healing, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis
2020Theophylline exerts complex anti-aging and anti-cytotoxicity effects in human skin ex vivo.Bertolini M, Ramot Y, Gherardini J, Heinen G, Cheret J, Welss T, Giesen M, Funk W, Paus R. Int J Cosmet Sciread the full storyfull thickness skin, organ culture, ex vivo, phosphodiesterase inhibitor, metallothionein‐1, collagen, skin‐protective properties
2019JAK inhibitors and alopecia areata.Gilhar A, Keren A, Paus R.Lancetread the full storysystemic therapy, cytokines, autoimmune disease
2019Transepidermal UV radiation of scalp skin ex vivo induces hair follicle damage that is alleviated by the topical treatment with caffeine.Gherardini J, Wegner J, Cheret J, Ghatak S, Lehmann J, Alam M, Jimenez F, Funk W, Bohm M, Botchkareva NV, Ward C, Paus R, Bertolini M.Int J Cosmet Sciread the full storyex vivo, organ culture, UV exposure, keratinocyte apoptosis, photoprotectants, clinical relevance
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