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Drug development is a complex process that needs reliable partners who add value to their research. Our highly experienced team of scientific experts is passionate about providing all the support required by our clients to assist their drug development pipeline and achieve their objectives.

We offer state-of-the-art pre-clinical and clinical research services for skin and hair diseases that encompass the entire product development journey.

Our pre-clinical services range from low-cost, investigative compound screening in vitro to ex vivo compound screening and compound efficacy testing in humanized mouse models in vivo. We can support our clients with drug target identification, help to elucidate mechanisms of action (MOA), offer prolonged surveillance to examine long-term effects of drugs, and much more. We also offer complex co-culture models like e.g. co-culture with primary immune cells or a re-innervation model.

A main advantage in engaing with us is our accces to healthy and diseased hair and skin samples which we regularly obtain from our great network of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. All collected samples are stored within the “Monasterium Laboratory Biobank”.

The efficacy of screened drug candidates, identified in pre-clinical research, can be further investigated in clinical trials performed in our hair clinical trial unit or in collaboration with strategic partners. We are fully equipped with cutting edge techniques, excellent technical staff and doctors to conduct in-house studies and stand-alone projects to study clinically relevant skin and hair parameters. Additionally, Monasterium Laboratory undertakes investigator initiated skin and hair clinical trials with biopsy collection via collaborating dermatologists to examine the mechanism of action of drugs. This enables us to investigate the effect and the impact of ingredients developed for skin and hair disorder management.

Our team of experts is happy to provide consulting services to suggest the right experimental models and to help customizing our clients’ study project. Naturally, regular communication, updates on the progress, and advice at every stage of the testing process are also included in our services.

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Examples of Experimental Tests and Outputs

Hair diseases

Hair growth

Immune privilege




Skin barrier

Skin diseases

Stem cell function

Wound healing

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Scarring Alopecias

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Chemotherapy induced Alopecia

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