We deliver cutting edge research solutions for nutraceutical testing and scientific claim substantiation.

In the last years the demand for efficient, safe and natural alternatives to improve skin and hair health beyond known lotions, shampoos, and serums is steadily increasing. Nutraceuticals attract considerable consumer interest due to their potential preventive beneficial or even therapeutic effects. However, scientific reasoning to ensure products comply with regulations for safety, quality, efficacy, and label claims is often still lacking.

We offer state-of-the-art pre-clinical services ranging from low-cost, investigative compound screening in skin and hair biology in vitro and ex vivo to compound efficacy testing in humanized mouse models in vivo. Our models can be utilized to investigate the effect of nutraceuticals on skin and hair function either in digested or non-digested form, elucidate their modes of action, examine synergy between compounds, and much more.

Additionally, we can perform clinical testing of our clients’ products in human skin and hair in vivo to ensure qualified health claims, and set scientific testing as foundation to guarantee that products are ready for market introduction.

Another main advantage in engaing with us is our accces to healthy and diseased hair and skin samples which we regularly obtain from our great network of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. All collected samples are stored within the “Monasterium Laboratory Biobank”.

From study design through to presentation of results, we provide a high quality service to meet the nutraceutical testing and scientific claim substantiation needs of our clients. Our team of experts is happy to provide consulting services to suggest the right experimental models and to help customizing our clients’ study projects. Naturally, regular communication, updates on the progress, and advice at every stage of the testing process are also included in our services.

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Cosmeceutical research skin image 01
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Cosmeceutical research skin image 05
Tissue section of human microdissected hair follicle after ex vivo organ culture stained with Keratin 85 (red), DAPI (blue, nuclear counterstaining)
Cosmeceutical research skin image 04
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Examples of Experimental Tests and Outputs


Cytotoxicity, proliferation & apoptosis

Environmental factors

Hair growth

Immune privilege




Oxidative stress


Skin barrier

Stem cell function

Wound healing

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