Boost your anti-aging research with our cellular senescence analyses!

Cellular senescence is one of the most important factors in the multifactorial skin aging process. This phenomenon is associated with permanent cell cycle arrest characterized by persistent DNA damage response activation, which ultimately affects the ability of cells to proliferate.

Monasterium Laboratory and QIMA Life Sciences offer 2D & 3D in vitro assays to assess your compound or formulation’s capacity to modulate aging processes, such as cellular senescence.

In the new flyer, you will learn more about our:

  • Extrinsic models of aging
  • Extensive range of available markers for immuno(histo)fluorescence
  • mRNA and protein quantification methods

And you will also discover our brand-new “speed-aged” ex vivo human skin model , a powerful research tool for dissecting skin aging and rejuvenation recently published in Experimental Dermatology.

DOWNLOAD the flyer here.