Join us in anticipation for our upcoming free live webinar, scheduled for January 18th (CET), 2024. This webinar will explore the subject of Oily Skin & Acne, offering valuable insights for research and dermocosmetic testing.

In the first part of this webinar, we will review the basics of acne (epidemiology, physiopathology, lesions, clinical forms), explore its relationship with oily skin, and examine how the pharma and dermocosmetics industries can contribute to their management. In the second part, we will provide concrete examples for the study of some of the main mechanisms involved in acne and the testing of ingredients and formulations.

Meet our esteemed speakers:

Dr. Alix Danoy, Newtone Technologies

Dr. Anasua Pal, Monasterium Laboratory and

Dr. Samuel Guénin, QIMA Life Sciences

Join the webinar to get the opportunity to know about comprehensive understanding of Oily Skin & Acne and its implications for research and dermocosmetic testing.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the webinar.

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