We are proud to announce that we will participate in the upcoming Society of Investigative Dermatology 2022 Annual Meeting (SID2022), 18–21 May in Portland, Oregon (USA). Our team will be holding oral, and poster presentations:

Poster 731: Generation of a laser capture microdissection and RNAseq-based human anagen hair follicle transcriptome atlas

Poster 743: Hair follicles can ‘taste’: Stevioside stimulation of the bitter taste receptor, TAS2R4, inhibits human hair growth ex vivo

Poster 732: Treatment with cyclohexyl salicylate, an olfactory receptor 2A4/7 agonist, promotes human hair follicle growth and bulge stem cell progeny expansion

Poster 700: Tyrosine kinase 2 inhibition rescues hair follicles from IL-12–mediated immune privilege collapse and reverses the induction of human alopecia areata in a humanized mouse model

Poster 038: Single-cell sequencing of freshly isolated cells from lesional and peri-lesional skin to explore cellular origins of IL-17 isoforms in psoriasis

Poster 842: Novel human skin organ culture models for the identification and characterization of anti-aging actives ex vivo

Poster 640: Exploring the synergic effects of a plant extract and a peptide on hair follicle pigmentation

If you would like to meet in person our CEO, Prof. Ralf Paus (rxp803@med.miami.edu) or our CSO, Dr. Marta Bertolini (m.bertolini@monasteriumlab.com) to discuss the presented data and/or learn about our capabilities in supporting your pre-clinical and clinical research, please do not hesitate to contact us.