We use ex vivo culture of human hair follicles and human full thickness skin, to investigate the impact of microbiome of hair and skin health, and whether compounds/drugs/formulations protects from dysbiosis. In addition, we can perform comparative analyses using patient material from lesional and non-lesional scalp and compare it with the microbiome of healthy volunteers.

Specifically, as standardized techniques, together with our collaborating partners, we offer (for details on our techniques, please click here):

  • Investigation of 16S rRNA and certain bacterial strains in situ (In situ hybridization)

  • Bacterial community analysis (Bacterial 16S rRNA sequencing)
  • Fungal community analysis (ITS sequencing)
  • Microbial community analysis (Shotgun sequencing)
  • Prevention of hair follicle/skin microbial overgrowth (contamination)
  • Expression of antimicrobial peptides
  • Manipulation of microbiome using antibiotics
  • Agar diffusion assay of selected bacterial and fungal strains using culture medium
  • Total germ count in the skin/hair follicle or culture medium
  • Screening for bacteriocyte and virocyte activity

In addition, using laser capture microdissection, we are able to perform such analysis in selected skin or hair follicle compartments using tissue sections.

Additional readout parameters are available, and customized experiments can be designed to meet the needs of our customers.

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