We are proud to announce our own CSO, Dr. Marta Bertolini has been selected as winner of the Martha Schwarzkopf Award for Women in Science by Henkel

In News by Anja Borrosch


We are very proud to announce that our CSO, Dr. Marta Bertolini, has been honoured the "Martha Schwarzkopf Award for Women in Science" from Henkel. By receiving this award her relentless efforts and outstanding achievements in hair biology research are being recognized. 

Unfortunately, women in science are still underrepresented and the persistent gender gap is still a relevant topic. The "Martha Schwarzkopf Award for Women in Science" launched by Henkel is an initiative which recognizes feminine talent in the area of hair research and battles against gender inequality in science.

At Monasterium Laboratory we share Henkel's vision on the importance of women in science and are strong supporters of gender equality. 

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Today we have demonstrated that science has no gender and we will keep working hard to keep it up!