Take a look at this article published in “The Medical Independent” summarizing the contents presented by our CEO, Prof. Ralf Paus, at the UCD Charles Institute in Dublin, Ireland.

In News by Anja Borrosch


Ireland’s national dermatology research and education centre, the ‘Charles Institute’ has hosted experts on various topics within dermatology and cutaneous science. Among these guests, our CEO, Prof. Ralf Paus was invited to give the talk entitled “The fascinating functions of Follicles”.  This presentation summarizes the recent discoveries accomplished by the Monasterium Laboratory´s research team that the hair follicle operates as a chemosensory mini-organ. Hair follicles in fact can “smell” and “taste” by expressing a variety of receptors which responses lead to the modulation of hair growth.

Prof. Desmond Tobin describes Prof Paus’ work as potentially representing a “paradigm shift” in how therapeutic dermatology is approached, and regards Prof. Ralf Paus as outstanding researcher in the field.


If you are interested in reading more about the topic, click on the following link: Prof. Paus - The fascinating functions of follicles.