Our team comprises experienced scientists and research technicians from diverse research backgrounds who are well trained in various methods and cutting-edge techniques to accelerate hair and skin research. Based on the custom-built projects, different methodologies and techniques can be utilized.

These include (but are not limited to):



Bright-field microscopy

High-resolution imaging

Optical coherence tomography (collaboration with Biomedical Technology Center)

Nano-texture of corneocytes

Atomic force microscopy (collaboration with Dermatact)

Culture medium analysis

ELISA, LDH release, Cyto/Chemokine release, Gluthatione assay, etc.

Protein expression

Immuno-histochemistry, Western blots, FACS etc.

Enzymatic activity

In situ zymography, In vitro zymography

Gene expression

In situ hybridization, microarray, qRT- PCR, RNAseq, in situ transcriptomics etc.

Microbiome analysis

Metagenomics, 16S  RNA sequencing, ITS sequencing (microbiome studies), In situ hybridization (e.g. 16S) etc.

Gene knock-down

siRNA technique


PCA analysis, differential gene expression, network modelling, heatmap, pathways analysis, etc.

Multi-Omics analysis

Protemics, Lipidomics (collaboration with Lipotype), metabolomics, etc.

Analysis of selected compartments

Laser capture microdissection, MACS, FACS cell sorting

Single cell analysis 

10x Genomics, MACS, Laser capture microdissection, FACS cell sorting.

Identification of chemical compounds


Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire and discuss more about different techniques that can be custom applied for your project.