The human hair follicle is colonized by unique and complex microbiota and serves as a microbial habitat, providing a maximal surface area for microbe-host interactions.

To gain a deep understanding of the microbiome of the human hair follicle, we perform bacterial 16S rRNA (or shotgun) sequencing and in situ hybridization. Based on your research needs, we can also provide analysis for investigating fungi, viruses/phages presence in hair follicles. Various prior manipulations (e.g. exposure to antibiotics) can be performed in our organ culture model to investigate the impact on the hair follicle microbiome. Furthermore, we can perform comparative analyses using patient material from lesional and non-lesional scalp and compare it with the microbiome of healthy volunteers.


A robust understanding of human hair follicle microbiome is crucial for promote the generation of novel hair disease management strategies associated with abnormalities of the hair follicle microbiome (e.g. acne vulgaris, alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, dandruff, etc.). In clinical dermatology, it is particularly important to characterize hair follicle microbiome in immunocompromised patients and how different immunosuppressive therapies and folliculitis-inducing oncology therapies, change the hair follicle microbiome.

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