Service – single cell RNA sequencing

In News by Sabrina Höfling

Are you interested in characterizing pathological cell subtypes, identifying rare cell types or analysing differentiation pathways in non-lesional vs. lesional skin?

Do you want to dig deeper, and explore gene regulatory networks underlying immune system changes in immune-mediated skin disorders?

We can help, by offering single cell RNAseq analysis (scRNAseq) to effectively analyse single cells with high resolution and high throughput.

Using single cell suspensions from whole tissues as starting point, we established a rapid, stringent workflow that enables us to generate a cDNA library within only 4 hours after sample collection, thereby saving the integrity of the transcriptome. By implementing a dead cell removal just before starting the single cell selection, we make sure, that only high quality RNA will enter the experiment, to ensure that we deliver excellent results.

For inquiries, please contact our CSO & Deputy General Manager Dr. Marta Bertolini (