Complete skin re-innervation model

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Human scalp skin and hair follicles (HF) are densely innervated by sensory peripheral nerve fibers (NF). This crosstalk between skin and nerves suggests that neuro-mediators released by cutaneous NFs effect human epidermis and HF function and vice-versa. Imbalance in this …

Microbiome analysis of human hair follicle

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The human hair follicle is colonized by unique and complex microbiota and serves as a microbial habitat, providing a maximal surface area for microbe-host interactions. To gain a deep understanding of the microbiome of the human hair follicle, we perform …

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Participated at In-cosmetics Global Conference, Paris, France (April 2 – 4, 2019)

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We witnessed the biggest trade event in the cosmetics and dermatology industry, with a turnover of 800 exhibitors and 10,000 participants from all over the world. Our team (Dr. Marta Bertolini, Dr. Janin Edelkamp and Dr. Leslie Ponce) collaborated with …