Master Thesis Student

In Career by Abhiyan Viplav

Monasterium Laboratory is seeking a team-orientated, highly motivated, and enthusiastic Master thesis student to join our growing international team.

Project aim

Towards the development and validation of a novel in vitro assay for screening compounds for hair loss management.

Your role

As a member of our team, you will be working in translational hair and skin biology research. You will be developing a novel in vitro culture system for therapeutic applications. In our company, you will be exposed to state-of-art cell and organ cultures as well as basic molecular biology techniques.

Qualifications required

You study biology/biotechnology or similar (Masters level).
You have already gained some experience in mammalian cell culture work and familiar with standard lab routines.
You have good English spoken and written skills.
You are fast-leraner and a strong team player.
You are curious, open-minded and have a structured working attitude.


6 months (flexible starting date)

Application: If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact: Dr. Ilaria Piccini,

Über den Autor

Abhiyan Viplav