Skin barrier

We use primary epidermal keratinocytes, 2D/3D cell models, ex vivo human full thickness skin and humanized mouse in vivo models to investigate hydration and skin barrier defects and whether compounds/formulations (also via topical application) can reinforce the skin barrier. Specifically, as standardized readout parameters, we evaluate the following by immunohistology/quantitative (immuno-) histomorphometry (for our techniques, please click here).

  • Epidermal thickness
  • Defects on skin surface
  • Diffusion of fluorescent dye through the skin
  • Epidermal keratinocyte differentiation
  • Expression of tight, and gap junctions
  • Expression of aquaporins
  • Expression of lipids

Now available: Nanotexture of corneocytes by atomic force microscopy

In addition, using qRT-PCR and/or in situ hybridization, we can analyse the expression of genes involved in skin barrier integrity, and assess these within specific compartments from skin tissue sections following laser capture microdissection.

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    Our methodological approach for "analysing effects on barrier integrity ex vivo" download here

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