Hair growth

We use ex vivo culture of human hair follicles and human full thickness skin, and the humanized mouse in vivo model to investigate whether compounds/formulations (also via topical application) promote or inhibit hair growth. Specifically, as standardized readout parameters, we evaluate the following by morphology and immunohistology/quantitative (immuno-)histomorphometry (for details on our techniques, please click here):

  • Macroscopic hair cycle staging (number of hair follicle in anagen VI and catagen)
  • Hair follicle elongation (correlates with hair shaft production)
  • Hair matrix keratinocyte proliferation and apoptosis
  • Microscopic hair cycle staging and score (number of hair follicles in anagen VI, early, mid, and late catagen)
  • Hair cycle independent hair follicle pigmentation
  • Expression of growth factors regulating hair cycle

In addition, using RNAseq, qRT-PCR, and/or in situ hybridization, we can analyse the expression of molecules involved in anagen/catagen conversation, and assess these within specific compartments from skin or hair tissue sections following laser capture microdissection.

Additional readout parameters are available, and customized experiments can be designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Selected publications

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