Coronavirus (COVID-19) measurements

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Currently, the major outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all of us personally and economically across the world. This has become one of the major global health challenges that we are all facing now. Our candid thoughts are with you, your team, family and friends and we all are in this together and let's fight it together.

Taken in to consideration of health and safety measurements of our speakers and participants from all over the world, we have re-scheduled our training courses:

We will soon update further information about the program details.

Additionally, we have implemented extra hygiene measurements/instructions and structural strategies to tackle the situation and keep us operation in the time of crisis.

  • Avoiding handshake, this is not considered rude in this situation.
  • Keeping in mind that correct hygienic hand washing  method (cleaning under running water, approx. 10-20 sec. soap well, rubbing the soap between your fingers, rinsing carefully and drying it well (e.g. with disposable paper towels).
  • Use of a disposable handkerchief when coughing, sneezing and, if not available, in the crook of the arm.  Avoiding sneezing in your hands.
  • Disposing of the handkerchief in a rubbish bin after use.
  • Frequent hand wash/disinfect hands is recommended, especially after coughing, sneezing, blowing  nose, going to the toilet, before eating, preparing food, after contact with animals, before going to work and arrival at home after work.
  • Avoiding unprotected contact with sick people.
  • Maintaining at least 2 metre distance between colleagues in different facilities to avoid spreading of infection.
  • Making sure the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene. This means in case of using public transportation covering your mouth with a special mouse-nose mask (better FPP3)
  • Avoiding any unnecessary meeting with other people out of work, we highly suggest to stay home after work and during the weekend and only to leave your home for necessary grocery shopping.
  • Disinfection of work places as soon as you finish to use,e.g microscope,cryostat,common PC and table in seminar room,lab space,phone in the office.
  • Home office for providing the flexibility to our employees to work from home.
  • Two-week quarantine period for the employees who have visited risk areas and show symptoms of cold, flu.
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