Celebrate with us the 10th German Diversity Day in the Workplace.

In News by Anja Borrosch



At Monasterium Laboratory we are proud to celebrate and raise awareness for the German Diversity Day in the Workplace to bring a closer look of the concept of diverse teams and diversity management aspects into the working world.

At Monasterium Laboratory we believe diversity in the workplace is one of the main keys to assess company success. For this reason, we want to celebrate along with the Association Charta der Vielfalt the "10th anniversary of the German Diversity Day" by showing their #FlagforDiversity and inviting you to visit their website at: German Diversity Day - Für Diversity in der Arbeitswelt (charta-der-vielfalt.de)

We also encourage you to check on our “Importance of Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace” post, where you can learn some of the main assets to assess diversity and its direct effect on success in the workplace. The importance of Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace. - Monasterium Laboratory