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EADV Interview Highlight

In Events & Conferences, News by Anja Borrosch

We are happy to announce the EADV Interview Highlight of Dr. Janin Edelkamp. If you would like to learn about the protection of hair follicles from immune privilege collapse listen to the interview with our expert:

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Issue 8: Current research highlights

In News, Research highlights by R. Adrian

Quantitative mapping of human hair greying and reversal in relation to life stress Ayelet M Rosenberg, Shannon Rausser, Junting Ren, Eugene V Mosharov, Gabriel Sturm, R Todd Ogden, Purvi Patel, Rajesh Kumar Soni, Clay Lacefield, Desmond J Tobin, Ralf Paus, Martin Picard Elife, 2021 Hair fibres hold a ‘picture’ of a …

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Issue 7: Current research highlights

In News, Research highlights by Anja Borrosch

Evidence from a humanized mouse model of androgenetic alopecia that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) stimulates hair regrowth, hair shaft diameter and vellus-to-terminal hair reconversion in vivo. Laufer Britva R et al., Br J Dermatol, 2021 Autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been …