Monasterium Laboratory Skin & Hair Research Solutions GmbH was founded in 2015 by Prof. Ralf Paus.

We are a privately owned and independent company. We are committed to providing complete confidentiality in executing contract and collaboration research projects for our clients. Within a short period of our establishment, we have become one of the innovative and leading CRO in the field of hair and skin research.

We have a worldwide network of senior advisors, scientists, physicians, and consultants from academia and industry.
Our vision is to provide our clients and partners with the highest quality research in investigative dermatology and trichology – from basic science to translational applied and contract research of high relevance for clinical applications.

We combine our unique expertise, our project design creativity, and our passion to advance our clients' success in delivering novel and game-changing skin and hair research solutions.
Prof. Ralf Paus